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Biblical studies


Here are the basic teachings on which you are building your eternal life. No one knows how much time you have spent in the past doing wrong activities, but God he knows whether you were Muslims, Protestant, Buddhist, Pagan or another else. Now, it is a time of Him to bring you to the light. So rejoice for you are engaged to Jesus Christ our savior. You can get everything you need in Him.

You can put your entire burden on Him. He can show you the right way to live. Indeed, He win give you a very wonderful good life. Then, you will be given His strength to stop doing sins.
God wants you to live a life free from sin. If you come to the church which our savior Jesus Christ purified with his own blood, you will have the good life. Then you are able to call God «Abba´ because you receive the spirit of son ship /Rom 8:15/ that means you have been ‘born again’ and you are a child of God.

As you know, sons have the right to ask their fathers whatever they need. So if you come to be his child, God will give you everything you ask. Now let us go to the main topic. In this lesson you will learn more about the Creation, existence of God, and doctrine of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church. Before that, it is better to define the words orthodox and Tewahido.

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